Project Management

With years of project management experience FlowFast is able to deliver concrete results for various process design and -optimization challenges. This is done by using a project management approach based on Lean Six Sigma, combined with an agile approach. The DMAIC cycle is an important guideline, which is being used in a pragmatic way.

At the start of each project, FlowFast determines with you as a customer the desired end result. Since a challenge in Supply Chain is never isolated, the organizational and environmental context is always taken into account.

Next, a project plan is drafted. Here, the often large and complex challenge is reduced to one or multiple well-defined sub-initiatives.

Stakeholders and team members are actively involved in the process. They will be asked to share their (organizational) knowledge relevant to the project. In this way, not only forces are combined, also a support base is being established which ensures the continuity of the initiative.

FlowFast's way of working is iterative by nature. At the start of a project, the total dynamics are almost never fully clear. Although much time and energy is devoted at the start of the project to define the scope, it is FlowFast's belief that a project should be managed while a better understanding of the situation and scope occurs, and not in spite of. Of course this is always being done in a transparent manner and in continuous consultation with the customer and stakeholder. Based on experience, making these insights explicit leads to better (supported) results.

When implementing the change, establishing long-term results is always a top priority. No one-off results, but a process that is sustainable and designed for the future. If the change means a new way of working for a department or team, the people involved will be trained in the new way of working.